Atlantis Waterpark Hotel

1570 Wisconsin Dells Parkway, Wisconsin Dells, WI 53965, United States of America
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A flat-screen TV, microwave, and refrigerator are offered in all rooms at the Atlantis Waterpark Hotel. Select two-room suites feature a hot tub, fireplace, and balcony and sleeps 8.

The Bar and Grill serves pizza, burgers, and ice cream treats and is open every night between 3-11 PM. The hotel offers a complimentary grab-and-go breakfast at the front desk Monday through Friday morning 8-10:30 AM. Saturday and Sunday we offer a continental breakfast 8-10:30 AM.

The hotel is 1,300 feet from Rick Wilcox Magic Theatre, 1.4 miles from Crystal Grand Music Theatre and 2.1 miles from H. H. Bennett Studio. Mt. Olympus is 600 feet away.

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We got a beautiful separate bedroom room for a great price,...

"We got a beautiful separate bedroom room for a great price, fantastic for traveling with multiple kids, it had a fantastic hot tub in the room, and a nice balcony. We will be visiting here again!"


The staff was very friendly and helpful.

"The staff was very friendly and helpful. I want to go back asap! Our kids had a great time! The hotel is in walking distance to everything."


Family's first vacation

"The location it was right in the middle of everything. Within walking distance to alot of stuff. Loved that there was multiple pools. Also the grills in the back area made for a nice cook out with my kids."


Incredible value, clean, perfect for families

"Everything! This was a fabulous hotel for our family of 7...incredible value! Noahs Ark passes were awesome...easy walk from the hotel too. Kids had a great time at hotel pools. The room was clean and up to date...jacuzzi tub was an added bonus. Definitely recommend."


All in all, I would give Atlantis 2 out of 5 stars.

"The staff was exceptional and the Indoor/Outdoor WaterParks were perfect for my young children."

- 05/29/2018 -

We had fun at the Atlantis Hotel and Water Park!

"This is the first place we’ve stayed that in our family of 5 everyone got their own bed! We had a good time for a good price. And with multiple pools to go to the kids had so much fun."

- 05/28/2018 -

My girls loved the big suite very convenient location.

"I love multiple pool options kids were never bored"

- 05/25/2018 -

Awesome stay!

"A really good place to stay, perfect for the price, my daughter loved the waterpark they had indoors. We stayed for her birthday and they decorated up the door for her and the inside of the room, she loved it. Perfect for little kids"

- 05/08/2018 -

Great Value. Kids Loved it!

"Kid friendly. Affordable. Staff were very nice. Great value"

- 05/03/2018 -

Was very relaxing and not over crowded, perfect for little...

"Was very relaxing and not over crowded, perfect for little kids"

- 04/26/2018 -

it was a good stay for what we paid i would have expected more. but it was cheaper then other places

"the pool and how close it was to our room. my kids had fun"

- 04/25/2018 -

its was nice kids like water park

"rooms were great loved the bunk beds for kids worked perfect... beds were actually comfy for a hotel... and loved the balcony's so did kids.."

- 04/22/2018 -

Screaming kids stomping on my ceiling at 5:30am.


- 04/17/2018 -

Soft Beds, friendly staff.

"Soft Beds, friendly staff. The kids really enjoyed the pool."

- 04/14/2018 -

Fun swimming with little kids, breakfast items not very appealing to the young adults and children.

"Pools just the right size for the children in our group."

- 04/13/2018 -

Had a lot of fun.

"The staff were really nice. We arrived a little early and they had a room already for us. The room was decent and clean. The indoor waterpark is fun for younger kids. There was a lot of places to eat near by. A lot to do and see. We had a wonderful time."

- 04/12/2018 -

You get what you paid for.

"I liked that there was enough room for everyone to sleep. The room was large enough where everyone didn't feel so cramped. The whirlpool was nice and relaxing as well. It was big enough to relax in it with the kids."

- 04/07/2018 -

I will most definitely be back for another stay we had a blast!!!

"I liked the water park for the kids they loved it. I liked how you get your deposit back quickly when you check out. I liked how clean the rooms were and I liked that the pools were open late"

- 04/07/2018 -

Fun for the kids.

"reasonable price. great kids pool. location."

- 04/06/2018 -


"Breakfast was decent. The staff was helpful. The pool areas were good for children and adults. I could see the kids when I was in the pool or hot tub. Felt safe."

- 04/04/2018 -

Glad we went. Family fun on a budget.

"Good affordable place to relax and play with the family. Staff was friendly. Water park was easily accessible. Good for younger kids. Our 11 and 13 year olds were still able to have fun, and our 8 & 6 year olds had a blast. Continental breakfast was simple, but appreciated (cereal, milk, juice, toast, orange wedges, boiled eggs)."

- 04/03/2018 -

The cleaning lady was very sweet.

"The two different pool areas seemed to keep the younger and older children entertained. The bar area seemed to allow for relaxation for the adults."

- 04/02/2018 -

Other than the bathroom it was very enjoyable for me and my 3 young children

"The updated decor and was very spacious"

- 04/01/2018 -

Felt like had to keep a eye us at night then we had

"Didn’t likeThe pictures weren’t as accurate especially the breakfast They only had hard boil eggs everyday for 5 days cereal milk and toast. Then juice was so sweet like concentrated you couldn’t even drink it and was always empty by 845. The pool area was very bad for small ones all of ours got hurt on the floor by the little kids area scratches and cuts. Also had a complaint about the people upstairs from us after 1030 they were still jumping around for 3 nights straight and they didn’t even apologize give us a discount nothing. I was a little disappointed."

- 04/01/2018 -

My daughter absolutely loved the 2 pools and we enjoyed watching her have fun. We will definitely be

"Many water activities for kids-Two different areas. We enjoyed our balcony room and had a great view from the 4th floor. Clean room. Clean bathroom."

- 04/01/2018 -

Ok place that matches the price tag. Nice water park for toddlers.

"The watermark is nice enough for younger kids under 10. The location is great. The staff very friendly."

- 03/31/2018 -

Overal kids had a blast and that’s what matters most

"The swimming pool was the best experience here at this place. My room was decent actually may have been the best hotel room I had so far but that’s because of kids so it was awesomeness.. the separate doors for them and us."

- 03/30/2018 -

This is an older hotel that was probably a gem in its heyday.

"Pool and slides were excellent for kids 10 and under. All the kids were in the same area so adults were able to visit and watch kids so everyone had a good time."

- 03/29/2018 -

pleasant family vacation. new friends and great memories

"The beds were very comfortable. We had the bunk bedroom. This worked out well for traveling with family. The parks were geared for smaller children and this was great. I felt our granddaughter was safe not having to compete with the 'big kids' to use the pools and indoor water park. it was perfect! The breakfast buffet had fresh fruit and cold cereal with milk, along with other fare. I liked the healthy choices there. During spring break and there the indoor water park areas were large enough to accommodate a full hotel of guests. Everyone was pleasant."

- 03/28/2018 -

The hotel was a nice place to stay, but we just would have liked to know about the limitations.

"The place was easy to find. The staff was wonderful during check in and check out. Our room was in a quiet area but not far from the pool. The pool was a great area for kids. The hot tub was comfortable."

- 03/27/2018 -

I like the room and the pool area for the kids.

"I like the room and the pool area for the kids."

- 03/24/2018 -

Great value hotel with a small water park for little kids

"Great place to stay on a budget water park is small and never crowded and great for little kids"

- 03/22/2018 -

Very nice for a family with small children.

"The waterpark was perfect for my small children. Exactly why we picked them."

- 03/17/2018 -

Great value, great stay for families

"The pool was great for small kids, water temp was warm. Price for large room was excellent."

- 03/05/2018 -


"Grand kids love water park"

- 03/05/2018 -

The pool is starting to look a little run down but the kids...


- 03/02/2018 -

Rooms were great.

"Rooms were great. The kids loved the pool areas!"

- 03/01/2018 -

A decent place to stay in the heart of the Dells but I wouldn't splurge on it

"Great location especially in summer since it's right in the middle of Dells activities; our room was large, clean and comfortable; indoor water features good for young children"

- 03/01/2018 -

We stayed in the family suite- Kids loved the pool area-...

"We stayed in the family suite- Kids loved the pool area- adults enjoyed the bar"

- 02/13/2018 -

Very family friendly!

"Had the pools practically to ourselves! Kids enjoyed to the best ages 0-9yrs"

- 02/12/2018 -

The 4th floor Waterpark was sufficient for children

"The 4th floor Waterpark was sufficient for children"

- 02/05/2018 -

We loved it Here.

"I liked the price for the large family suite with a whirlpool tub included! Our family of 7 has stayed in the same type of room twice now at this hotel and for good reason! The pools are great in summer and still just as fun for all our kids ages 11 down to 2 years old. We love it here. :)"

- 01/24/2018 -

Amazing fun with grandchildren, we will return.

"Great value for five in one room with breakfast. The pools were nice and warm, very clean thorough out! The kids loved it!"

- 01/22/2018 -

Everyone in our group of nine ages <2 - 66 seemed to enjoy their stay.

"Young kid friendly & easy to watch all ages of children almost any place in the indoor waterpark areas. Friendly, helpful staff. The hot tub in the room was a hit with children."

- 01/19/2018 -

The kids had a great time and didn't want to leave.

"The young child friendly water park. The large family rooms."

- 01/15/2018 -

Had a very good time. Great bargain for the price and a great winter break.

"Pool area is large and a separate wading pool with slides for young children, makes it ideal for families."

- 01/14/2018 -

It was definitely what we paid for, but won’t be coming back.

"The size of the pools were ideal for my kids, specially as a first time in a waterpark. The hotel room itself was nice."

- 01/02/2018 -

All in all, it was a good stay.

"The 2 bedrooms suites were very nice and roomy. The waterpark, though small, was fun for the kids."

- 01/01/2018 -

Went up at the last minute for Christmas break. All the kids had a blast. We go here regularly.

"Very nice surroundings, play area for the kids was great. Free breakfast in the morning was just enough. They were out of one cereal towards the end and the gentleman got us a bowl from the back, cause this was all one child would eat. Ordered pizzas by the pool area. Reasonably priced."

- 12/31/2017 -

Fun little get away

"Pool is great for kids under 10."

- 12/31/2017 -

The room was nice.

"The room was nice. The water park was great for my kids under 8."

- 12/29/2017 -

Overall it was lovely. I only wish the hotel wasn't called a resort.

"I like the size of the room, the fact that my kids could use the bunk bed"

- 12/29/2017 -

For the price it was clean, comfortable, fun for the kids.

"For the price it was clean, comfortable, fun for the kids."

- 12/27/2017 -

Good if you don’t want to swim!

"Extra room for the kids was great!"

- 12/17/2017 -

Pool areas great for small children.

"Pool areas great for small children. Game room also bonus."

- 11/27/2017 -

My kids loved the little pool.

"My kids loved the little pool. And the mats at the bottom of the slide were super soft."

- 11/16/2017 -

I liked the indoor pools for my children and the beds.

"I liked the indoor pools for my children and the beds."

- 10/31/2017 -

The price is right for a large family like mine.

"The price is right for a large family like mine. With 7 children a trip to the dells would cost a mint but here the rooms are nice and are large enough for us and not too expensive so we can enjoy the rest of the dells without breaking the bank. Thanks so much!!"

- 10/23/2017 -

Decent price to stay at a waterpark aimed at younger kids

"The hot tub in our room was awesome! Loved the sliding door. Toiletries were great size..much bigger than most hotels. Parking was easy and convenient and the hotel is located close to everything. The bartender was wonderful! She did a great job, despite being the only person there and made great and generous drinks! The pool was nice and was heated. The waterpark isn't much, but was great for my toddlers. Kids over 10 wouldn't really enjoy it much."

- 10/12/2017 -

Is was okay for the price. But not sure I would stay again

"The pools did not look clean and the children's pool was not working. They looked like they had not worked for a long time."

- 10/02/2017 -

Nice place to stay just need some tlc

"The indoor pool was for small children.the hotel was clean"

- 09/09/2017 -

We had Great time and look forward to staying at Atlantis again !

"We traveled with our twin Grandchildren who have Autism. Staff was Great and Very Kid Friendly environment for them. We are looking forward to returning in the future!"

- 08/30/2017 -

I was expecting more but kids still enjoyed Noah's Arc and Atlantis' indoor pool

"The kids enjoyed the indoor pool and the slides area. Free tickets to Noah's Arc for the whole stay."

- 08/24/2017 -

Good family hotel especially for small children and we would stay there again, but a few room issues

"This was a good resort for my 19 month old son. The pool area had a decent toddler area for him to play in and wasn't over crowded. This resort also is in close walking distance to Noah Ark which is a bonus for not having to pay for parking there."

- 08/24/2017 -

Over all it was ok a very nice place for families with younger children.

"The people at the front desk were very kind and helpful."

- 08/23/2017 -

Was a lot of stairs for me.

"Was a lot of stairs for me. I cannot use elevator but kids enjoyed it and that was important"

- 08/12/2017 -

It was in a great location.

"It was in a great location. Staff was friendly. 3 different area pools is a nice idea to split up numerous guests. It says it's geared for kids 11 & under - but our kids (12-16) made it work and had fun. I would stay again."

- 08/10/2017 -

Would stay again. Great for families with kids under 10 years old.


- 08/05/2017 -

My kids ages 13-17 enjoyed pool area .

"My kids ages 13-17 enjoyed pool area . Spent most of their time in pool."

- 08/03/2017 -

The room was great for getting 8 people in the room.

"The room was great for getting 8 people in the room. The water park was nice specially for young kids"

- 07/28/2017 -

Facility good, but safety was not the top priority of the hotel.

"The pools were safe and fun for younger children. The hotel was very clean!"

- 07/18/2017 -

Thick walls!

"Location is great, within walking distance of Noah's Ark & Mt. Olympus (so you don't have to pay for parking at either place). Plenty of parking. The pools/slides are perfect for kids 12 and under! Rooms are spacious! Nice TV's! The walls are not paper thin, which is a huge plus! Free WiFi, it doesn't work the greatest though. The bar makes tasty drinks! Good coffee in the lobby and they have flavored creamers! The balcony is a nice perk! It's a great hotel for the price and you get free Noah's Ark tickets!"

- 07/18/2017 -

Amazing Stay. Just humbled.

"Everything was amazing. Me and my family enjoyed our stay. It was clean, the staff was AWESOME. Whatever we needed, they gave it to us. The kids enjoyed themselves in the pool. We will be back definitely soon. Great place for the price. The Waterparks was Amazing of course. The food was great. Can't complain."

- 07/12/2017 -

Great choice for the price!

"Right in the middle of everything! Plenty of pool options for the kids."

- 07/09/2017 -

Cheap for a reason

"Location was terrific, having a suite for the whole family was great, and the outdoor water slide was a favorite of all the kids. Free entry to nkahs ark."

- 06/24/2017 -

Great place for family whose members cant swim, activities were perfect& fun

"1st time stayn at resort, loved it& kids had great time"

- 06/20/2017 -

Kids pool great for small children and foot was good.

"Kid friendly"

- 06/18/2017 -

Great value for your money, especially with small children.

"Excellent value for your money, especially considering that Noah's Ark tickets come as part of the room package. Highly recommend. Onsite pools are kid friendly....not a big onsite facility, but very solid for small children, and that's the whole point of the Noah's Ark package."

- 06/14/2017 -

Perfect place for families with younger children

"We had an issue with our temperature control, staff were very responsive, could not fix-but got us an identical room to resolve issue promptly.The staff was very helpful and friendly. Our family felt very comfortable in the facility. Great value!I would come back again!!!Thank you Atlantis for helping make our family getaway a wonderful memory!!!!!!"

- 06/12/2017 -

The kids had a blast

"The pools, were great could have been a little cleaner"

- 06/09/2017 -

Great room!

"we had plenty of space in our hotel room. The kids had their own room inside our room. At night we went into the jacuzzi that was in our room."

- 05/27/2017 -

The price was great for the area.

"The price was great for the area. Pool area was centered around younger children."

- 05/18/2017 -

So so

"Definitely a small childs heaven! The water temperature for the kiddie indoor pool area was nice and the rooms/facility decor were beautifully put."

- 05/16/2017 -

Great kids pool area, average comfort and amentities

"Water slides and pool areas were perfect for age 12 and under. Not too big so it is possible to watch all kids."

- 05/14/2017 -

Fun in the sun

"The big pool because it fit the needs for all my kids"

- 05/02/2017 -

Great place to stay!

"Very friendly and accommodating. Great kids pool and great location! We'll be back!!"

- 04/30/2017 -

Needs updates but had comfortable rooms

"The pools were pretty empty which made it really fun for my kids. Both pools offer slides and basketball."

- 04/27/2017 -

Great first 2 day stay with my kiddos in the dells :)

"The beds were very comfortable and the pillows were amazing. The water park was perfect for my kids ages 3 & 5, they absolutely loved it and would have been happy with staying just in the hotel the whole time ( I could have saved a lot of money lol). The arcade is GREAT! Very good for the money, we preferred the arcade there better than going to fun zone downtown. Staff is very friendly, the lobby store is small, there's two pools a water park and than a small pool near the lobby. Clean rooms & bathrooms."

- 04/12/2017 -

Great Springbreak for my 4&5 year old

"Indoor pool was used for guest that stayed at the property. Perfect size indoor pool for my 4 & 5 year old. I would recommend this hotel to people with children under 7 years old."

- 04/09/2017 -

This was my second trip to Wisconsin Dells in the last year and will be the only place we stay.

"I'd like the room accommodations. The beds are comfortable. The kids really enjoyed the hot tub in the room. I like the fact that the balcony was safe for the kids to go out without me worrying about them falling. Nice spacious bathroom. My daughter was really excited about the fold-out sofa bed."

- 04/09/2017 -

It was ok if the room would of been cleaner it would have been nicer.

"The kids play area was good And I loved that we had the room with a fireplace and hottub in it and the staff was nice."

- 04/08/2017 -

Not worth the money, even if you get a deal!

"The only few things we did like was the bunk beds for the kids and the 2 different pools."

- 04/05/2017 -

The room including the bunkbeds was great for our family. The kids loved the waterpark.

"The kids loved the waterslides!"

- 03/28/2017 -

best resort I've been to in the Wisconsin Dells

"the staff was great and the water park n swimming pool were perfect for my kids who are 5 and 10. room was perfect and very clean. we will return often and i will recommend to everyone i know"

- 03/23/2017 -

The hotel was perfect for the kids and well worth the money.

"The hotel was perfect for the kids and well worth the money. Not to busy and the staff were very helpful."

- 03/19/2017 -

excellent value for area

"nice size water areas for smaller kids"

- 03/14/2017 -

Would stay again

"The rooms were perfect for families"

- 03/13/2017 -

The kids enjoyed the waterpark. For me being 28, I loved the slides. Kid at heart.

"Everything was good. The kids had a blast."

- 02/05/2017 -

How comfortable my kids felt

"How comfortable my kids felt"

- 01/23/2017 -

Fun for young kids

"I liked the pool area since we had all the children under 6 yrs old."

- 01/10/2017 -

Great water park for children under 10.

"The room was very spacious and comfortable"

- 01/03/2017 -

relaxing rooms, good breakfast, kids loved the bunk beds and...

"relaxing rooms, good breakfast, kids loved the bunk beds and pool"

- 12/31/2016 -

it was alright. good place for small kids.

"The staff was very nice. The indoor waterpark was great for younger kids!"

- 12/31/2016 -

Winter break at Atlantis

"This hotel was perfect for a family with small children. We have stayed at the Wilderness and Chula Vista and they are both very nice and have larger indoor waterparks but they are also so busy. This hotel was clean, friendly staff, and the pools were great for a 6 year old. We stayed there for 3 nigjts for the price of one night at the fancier Waterpark hotels. It suited our need and we had alot of fun. I think we would stay there again. They did have breakfast but we did not make it so I cannot give a review on that. The location was very centrally located and great for wherever we needed to go. So if you are looking for a hotel with indoor swimming where the pools are on site and don't care about all the frills this is perfect."

- 12/29/2016 -

Overnight trip with kids

"The value was amazing, everyone that worked there was very helpful."

- 11/10/2016 -

Best hotel Ever!

"The staff was wonderful not one person to complain about. We stayed in the family suite and it was a beautiful room. Beds were comfortable and easy to fall asleep in. I love how long the pools stay open as well my kids had a ball. It was a very good experience they found them selves some new loyal guest we will be back soon!"

- 11/03/2016 -

Not the best stay we have had..

"The suite was nice and big. Our kids loved the game room."

- 10/27/2016 -

A short but fun stay for the kids.

"Variety of water activity was great for the whole family."

- 10/26/2016 -

Good resort. children enjoyed a lot.

"superb hotel. good breakfast. excellent waterpark"

- 10/10/2016 -

Awesome hotel

"loved the Atlantis every time My wife and I decide to take the kids to the dells this is where I stay."

- 10/05/2016 -

Liked what we got!

"We brought an 11 month old with us. I liked the small waterpark for him. It wasn't crowded when we went, so I also enjoyed that. My daughter was able to take a little break from her son and go to the game room and have a drink at the bar. I liked that there was the young kids waterpark, a small pool, a hot tub, a bar, and breakfast all in the same area. Getting breakfast on Saturday and Sunday was also a nice touch. Most hotels in the dells don't offer that. I also liked the balcony. It's nice to sit outside with some privacy. The room we were in was clean, and the beds comfortable. It had a large t.v. The price was good for what we needed the hotel for, which was sleeping and letting the little one enjoy the water."

- 09/28/2016 -

Great time, hubby wants to go back without kids :)

"The amount of money was worth it and the room was fantastic for our family."

- 08/09/2016 -

Stay for the waterpark tickets

"The pool was nice for young kids which mine were. The staff was very friendly. The best part of this hotel is the waterpark tickets that come with your stay. Both parks were great in their own ways. My kids especially enjoyed Chula Vista waterpark because it was a fraction of the crowd at Noah's Ark and there was much more for kids under the age of 10. Mine are 6 and 5 and they loved the waterparks. We didn't spend a ton of time in the room which I think is the point with a dells vacation. This fit our needs as it wasn't the best hotel but it was fine for resting at night."

- 03/05/2016 -

We enjoyed our stay at this hotel.

"We enjoyed our stay at this hotel. We were comfortable. The kids loved the pool and access to Chula Vista was great! Overall a great family oriented weekend geared towards young children."

- 01/06/2016 -

- We stayed 1 night only (1/1/16) and got a family...

"- We stayed 1 night only (1/1/16) and got a family "Mermaid" Suite. It was 3 of us, my husband and I and my father. Perfect size room for this type of group. - Enough privacy for everyone. - The best part of this stay was the price for this size of room booked completely last minute and for the holiday weekend. I wasn't able to get us in anywhere else, not even the place where we always stay when we come to Wis. Dells. - Also, many places have a 2 night min and we only needed 1 night. - Fireplace in the room was great especially on such a cold winter weekend.- I liked having a kitchenette and a safe. - Beds were comfortable and had many pillows. - All appliances worked right. - Hotel gives free passed to Chula Vista water park which is pretty awesome All in all, IMO, this is a perfect place for a large family with kids. You can get one of these affordable suites or a larger one which sleep 6+ people to accommodate everyone and considering how expensive everything else in the Dells is, especially for a large family, this would be a perfect place to sleep and shower, so you can spend your money on the entertainment. This is not the place for people who prefer luxurious lodging. This is a place for people on a budget. This type of room specifically is IMO best for a family with younger kids due to the somewhat strange layout. All dressers are in the bedroom and whomever is staying in that bedroom also needs to walk through the main room (which has a king bed and a sofa bed) to get to the bathroom ( for example, in the middle of the night). So if you are looking for more privacy, this room is not for you."

- 01/02/2016 -

The price was right.

"The price was right. Perfect for my 1 and 3 year old children. Staff was very friendly. Cheap, clean, and overall my family had a nice time there."

- 11/27/2015 -

We loved the free tickets to Chula Vista and the swimming...

"We loved the free tickets to Chula Vista and the swimming whenever our child wanted to swim! She also loved the arcade."

- 07/31/2015 -

The kids pool I think it was good

"The kids pool I think it was good"

- 07/17/2015 -

My children like mostly the arcade.

"My children like mostly the arcade.The linen were really clean with white towels..very comfortable"

- 06/27/2015 -

The location was the best part of the place.

"The location was the best part of the place. Free admission to Noah 's ark and Chula Vista helped as their pools were small and for young kids."

- 06/06/2015 -

Absolutely could not beat the price for a whirlpool nfamily...

"Absolutely could not beat the price for a whirlpool nfamily suite, and the tickets to Chula Vista were an added bonus, because my older children were to old to enjoy the waterpark at Atlantis."

- 04/28/2015 -

The room was nice and clean and the kids loved the pool area.

"The room was nice and clean and the kids loved the pool area. The hotel was in a good location also. Not to far from other attractions but not too close to deal with the extreme business either."

- 04/05/2015 -

Waterpark nice for younger children.

"Waterpark nice for younger children. Good size fridge."

- 03/19/2018 -


"las Piscinas por los niños,gracias y los puntos tan cerca para comer."

- 08/20/2017 -

Estancia buena, desayuno pésimo

"Las piscinas para lo niños son lindas.. Y mis hijas se divirtieron mucho"